Ultrasound Updates


21st December 2018 - Genetic screening

We now offer Pre-Eclampsia screening through VCGS pathology. This is an optional test done with the same blood request form as the maternal serum screening.

As the blood pressure needs to be taken with the scan and entered on the form, we recommend you send the patient to us at 12-13 weeks so we can do all of this in one appointment with the 13 week ultrasound. Dr Hurley can give patients the blood request from on the day of their scan.

18th April 2018 - 11-13 Week Scans

Please note that the 11 - 13 week scans are preferably performed at 13 weeks regardless of NIPT/Harmony testing or Nuchal Translucency testing.

This is the best time to analyse the Nuchal Translucency and perform an early anatomy scan.



Here at Melbourne Ultrasound for Women we accept all types of referrals. We can also personalise our referral forms by printing your practice and doctor details on A5 referral pads to save you time. You can also download our blank A4 referral sheet provided.

Information Sheets


We have created our own patient information sheets for you to provide to your patients before their appointments with us. This will answer any questions they may have before their ultrasound.

New Fetal Growth Charts


We are now using estimated fetal weight centiles for the Australian population compiled by Dr E McCarthy based on A global reference for fetal-weight and birthweight percentiles by Mikoljczyk et al, Lancet 2011;377:1855-61