Ultrasound in Gynaecology

Ultrasound is the best imaging technique for evaluating the pelvic organs. The commonest reasons for having an ultrasound are: abnormal bleeding, including bleeding after the menopause, pain, difficulty in becoming pregnant and assessment of a suspected lump or cyst in the pelvis. In some women ultrasound is used to screen for cancer of the ovaries or uterus.

Ultrasounds are performed using external and internal vaginal approaches. The internal vaginal scan causes less discomfort than a smear test examination. It almost always gives the best diagnostic information.

In women where an internal ultrasound is not appropriate a full bladder will be needed. Empty your bladder one hour before the appointment time and then drink 4 glasses of water. If you are uncertain please discuss this with your doctor.

If the reason for the ultrasound is not urgent the best diagnostic pictures are obtained just after the period has finished.

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